Check out some different links here of some of my friends around the globe. Check out their website for some new music that you may like! These people are all excellent players, and some of them teach as well, so if you are looking for a teacher in your area check these out!


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Online Resources

Tired and frustrated of trying to go it alone playing your acoustic guitar? There are many resources out there, but without the proper guidance from someone who knows what they are doing, and more importantly know what YOU need next with your acoustic guitar playing, it almost always ends in frustration. Check out acoustic guitar lessons online to start reaching your guitar playing goals today.

FACT: What you don’t use you lose. Most musicians only work on their instrument playing skills and neglect their songwriting skills. As a result, they are not able to write songs and end up musically frustrated. Don’t end up in the same situation! Use a songwriting courseto enhance and develop your songwriting.

Overwhelmed by music theory? You understand the concepts but struggle in applying them on the guitar? Check out these fun and easy guitar theory videos that will give you the missing link you need to play what you hear in your mind!

So you always knew you had a creative side? Well, why not help me produce my next album? How to become a music producer? It’s easy; just follow the steps on the Create Your Own Album page on my website!

Are you looking for the best blues guitar lessons online? Check out this website that’s filled with blues instruction like articles and href="">Lessons On How To Play Blues Guitar.

Are you looking for the best way to learn Ableton Live in Dublin? Get started making your own techno, house, bass, post-dubstep or wonky R&B tracks! Check out our courses today.

Bands and Artists

Denver, CO songwriter/ guitarist, KenK's music is best described as equal parts rock, alt-country, and blues topped off with some good ol' guitar shredding just for fun.

Are you curious about musicians working hard on music projects? Check out this CD project about twelve musicians are working on together. We’re taking control of our destiny and making our dreams into reality!

Do you like music you can dance to? London band Neon Nurse are the best electro funk band in around. If you enjoy Chromeo or Daft Punk, you will love them.

Dramatic, Intense, Classical and Shredding - George ShredKing Engelbrecht, pioneer of Renaissance Metal has been described in these terms by peers and fans from around the world. This is music that bleeds emotion and passion.

Where great melodies meet powerful leads, where odd-time signatures do not detract from your listening experience, where there is no fear to move across styles while remaining faithful to a rock core - there you will find the music of progressive rock guitarist Tommaso Zillio. Feast your ears with the new generation of progressive rock.

Avant-garde post metal surrounded with melodic vocals, aggressive guitar work, complex drumming, and passionate lyrics.

Do you want to play blues guitar? You'll get tips and advice including tablature and mp3's to practice with when you download this free guitar ebook. Learn the basics of blues guitar by following these steps.

Music Teachers

Looking for the best local guitar lessons in Southampton? Amplified Guitar Tuition offers the solutions to your playing problems and will help you reach your musical goals! Whether you’re a beginner looking to start or an advancing player in need of instruction, make YOUR dreams come true with guitar lessons “for fun..or to go pro”

Do you play acoustic guitar? Want to learn more about fingerstyle playing, folk styles or improvising? Visit Dublin Acoustic Guitar Lessons today

Do you live in North East Ohio? Want to learn how to play like your favorite guitarist or bass player Guitar Lessons Geauga will help you reach your goals.

Looking for a Ukulele teacher in Dublin? You can get the basics down in 2 months! Check out Dublin Ukulele Lessons.

If you're looking for guitar lessons in Mississauga, Pro Guitar Studio has you covered. Check out the website to see how you can achieve all your guitar playing goals and more!

Hou op met tijd verspillen aan gitaarlessen die niet werken, realiseer je muzikale doelen en boek een proefles bij de Haarlemse Gitaarschool - de beste gitaarlessen in Haarlem.

Have you always wanted to learn to write songs? Or maybe to understand more about how your favourite songs are put together and what makes them so effective artistically? Find out more with Edinburgh songwriting.

Beginner Guitar Courses are now available for beginner guitarists looking for guitar lessons in Croydon. With Croydon Guitar Tuition, you can choose from an eight week course, which will set you up as a player by showing you all the basic skills you'll need to know or get all the information at once by enrolling in our intensive one day beginners course.

Whether you imagine yourself strumming by the campfire, jamming at a local pub or taking things to a more serious level, there are guitar lessons in Toronto that will help you to make your dreams a reality. Learn to play what you want to play, develop the skills you need to make the sounds you want to hear!

Looking for the Best Boston Guitar Lessons? Feel like you are stuck in a rut with your playing? Boston Voice and Guitar Lesson can help you get started or take your playing to next level. We are conveniently located just outside of Boston and would love to help you get started today.

Voice Lessons For Children - Most teachers will not work with young children in singing. At LB Music School, we have teachers that have a specialized method for working with younger children on singing skills. While most school do not accept students until the ages of 10-12, we have worked with students as young as 5 years old. If your child loves singing, LB Music School want to help them learn.

Vill du lära dig spela gitarr, men Vet dinte vart du ska börja? Du behöver inte leta längre, Om du letar efter gitarrlektioner i mark's kommun eller borås, så leta inte längre, börja idag! Boka en gratis prova på lektion idag och få reda på hur du kan uppnå dina mål!

Are you looking for high quality guitar lessons ? Do you want someone to finally guide you through to process and help you reach your goals that you've always wanted to reach? Visit guitar lessons in Stowmarket and take your guitar playing to the next level.

Do you want a great music education for your child with an outstanding mentor? At Denver Guitar Lessons we can provide you with that.

Get exclusive classes, masterclasses, clinics, workshops, and more when you take music lessons in Vernal, Utah at The Rock Academy. We have classes that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll get the help you need to learn faster.

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Are you looking for an expert London Guitar Teacher?. Would you like lessons tailored to your specific needs? Speak to Darryl and find out how you can become a star of the future.

Learning guitar doesn't have to be a struggle. Guitar Lessons in Seattle is dedicated to helping you get to where you want to be. Located in Seattle, WA with 2 area locations. Specializing in metal, rock, and acoustic guitar. Sign up now for guitar lessons in Seattle.

Become the Guitar Player YOU want to be. Guitar Lessons in Vredenburg is definitely the place to take lessons if you live in the West Coast area of South Africa. George Offers lessons for beginner to advanced students and has had great success Teaching all kinds of individuals. Click on the link and book a FREE Introductory Lesson!

Sign up now if you are looking for Monroe guitar lessons . Caring teacher will coach you at any level. There are lessons are for all levels,

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The the best voice lessons in Boston? Search no further than Boston Singing Lessons. We use teachnology to our advantage to help you find your voice. Stop using old techniques for today's singing challenges. Learn with a highly trainined coach that uses modern techniques for your voice.

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If you are looking to improve as a guitar player, you should look into taking guitar lessons in Redding. This is a resource that can help improve your skills as a guitar player. The lessons here will help anyone from beginning to advanced levels.

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Vill du ha den basta gitarrundervisningen i Boras? Kontakta oss och prova pa ratis idag!

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Du moechtest Gitarre lernen in Potsdam, ohne dich durch das uebliche, langweilige Anfaengermaterial quaelen zu muessen? Man kann auch von Beginn an Spass haben! Lerne mit gezieltem, auf deine Bedürfnisse abgestimmtem Konzept in der Gitarrenrock-Werkstatt-Potsdam.

Guitar lessons in the Elk Valley are right here in front of you. If you want to become a great guitar player bad enough, I know I can help you reach those goals. Have fun, make great progress, and make great friends.

If you're looking for the best rock, metal and blues guitar lessons in Huntingdon, UK, contact Craig Hardie.

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Many rock guitarists have great skill…until they’re faced with playing with or for other people. If you want to learn how to have great band rehearsals and live shows, it is essential that you learn how. Here is some excellent training for rock guitarists in Jamestown NY that is definitely worthwhile.

Learn how to play guitar like your favorite musician. Get a free guitar lesson and see how you can become a great guitar player. Guitar lessons in Grand Rapids at the West Michigan Guitar School will quickly help you learn to play your favorite songs or guitar solos and make your guitar playing sound great!

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Do you want to impress your friends by being able to play popular songs on the guitar? Do you want to be able to play music for your family on holidays or around the camp fire? Do want to be able to play guitar in a band? If you are looking for guitar lessons in Arvada then you have found them. Instructor Alex Boccia can help you with all those things and more!

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Guitar lessons in Frankston and surrounding suburbs. Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. I teach rock-based styles including hard rock, metal, blues and pop. My guitar lessons are fun and effective.

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Falls Sie den Wuensch die Gitarre vom Anfang richtig zu spielen haben, gitarre lernen anfaenger in Zuerich koennte die richtige Sache fuer Sie sein. Buchen Sie heute Ihre kostenlose Probestunde! Es gibt eine Menge Gitarrenprogramme die sich an Ihre Beduerfnisse sicher passen werden.

Don't keep wasting your money with cheap guitar lessons ! They are making your progress slower and even hurting you! Fortunately, there are high quality guitar lessons near Auburn, NY!

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You’re on the back deck of your home. You have friends over. You all decide to crank out a few tunes and have a sing-a-long. How would it feel to be able to pickup your guitar and start to play in that situation? It would feel awesome! You and your friends would have a great time and you would be the hero for being able to play. So stop putting off your desire to learn to play the guitar! Get started today on either the acoustic or the electric guitar with Halifax Guitar Lessons !

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